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Navigating Coal-Fired Power Plant Fire and Safety Standards

4/18/2016 » 4/21/2016
2016 PRB Coal Users' Group Annual Meeting

Welcome to the Users' Group!

We are saddened to announce the loss of one of our Board Members.  Mark Collett was an amazing human being with great knowledge and a great capacity for love and compassion.  Mark worked as an electrical engineer and project manager for Roberts & Schaefer Company for most of his career.  During that time he served on the Board of Directors and helped to write some of the best practices we promote everyday on our site.  In more recent years Mark worked for Benetech and River Consulting both supporters of the PRB Coal Users’ Group and we were happy to welcome him back on the Board in 2014 after a short absence.


Mark is survived by his wife (Lisa), seven children and nine grandchildren.


One Board member recalls a visit with Mark a few weeks ago near his office in Salt Lake City.  “A gentle gracious man entered the room with a warm sincere smile.  He was introduced to his daughter and there they talked as if they knew each other for the longest time.  He shared with her (she’s a nurse) about his health history and his current challenge that the day was approaching that dialysis on a daily basis was likely.  Yet with his own health issues over the years, Mark never slowed down his pace to help others and improve the industry.” Bob Taylor


Mark was an interesting man to listen and talk to, someone who could understand and appreciate your personal point of view and cared.  He took great personal pride and interest in the Coal Users’ Group and his efforts to “bring to life” the Electrical Best Practice was by far no easy task…but to life it came and is one of the better collections of details.

Mark’s distinguished volunteer services included the Board of Director’s PRB Coal Users’ Group, Advisory Board Member to the University of Utah Mining Engineering Department, Alta Ski Patrol, Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute, and his church.


With degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah and Business at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he worked at Amax Magcorp, Roberts & Schaefer, Benetech/Plant Professionals, KBR, River Consulting, and most recently Lighthouse Resources, Inc.  We all remember his passion for helping the industry better handle coal and safely manage coal dust.  His work leading the development of the Electrical Best Practice will always be valued and remembered.


Oh boy did he travel…around the world and within the US he would go trying to help others understand the importance of safety and efficiently using coal.  He was a frequent “red eye” traveler and likely knew many flight attendants on a first name basis.  Rumor has it he knew the Salt Lake City airport better than most employees or Delta pilots.


Mark will be greatly missed by everyone who knew and loved him.


Thank you to Bob Taylor for putting this together for us.

 Top 5 Contest

The PRB Coal Users’ Group would like to know what your top 5 challenges are while burning or considering burning powder river basin (sub-bituminous coal).   We will be posting the top 5 twice a year with solutions that can be found either on the current website or new best practices in the works to answer the challenge.  The only rules are the challenges should be unique to the challenges of burning sub bituminous coal.   Submit by send an email to by September 1st.

The PRB Coal Users’ Group is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 2000 to promote the safe, efficient, and economic use of Powder River Basin coal by generating companies that currently use, or are considering the use of sub bituminous coal.

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